Made in USA or Import?
How to tell USA made Charvels from import models
Neck plate address
If the neck plate has a Ft. Worth
Texas address stamped into it, it
is NOT a USA made Charvel.

The "Made in Japan" sticker as
seen in the photo is not common.

Most plates do not have this
sticker just the Ft Worth, Texas
USA address.
Logo Style
Typical Import Charvel Logo Typical USA Charvel Logo
If the end of the logo shows a pointy headstock shape with six in a line tuners it is NOT a USA made Charvel. If "Made in USA" is NOT under the Charvel logo it usually means it is NOT a USA made Charvel (exception being prepros)
Typically gold and black logos were used on made in USA Charvels. White logos usually found on Imports - non USA made Charvel guitars.
Large non-guitar shaped logos indicate it is NOT a USA made Charvel
22 or 24 frets?
24 fret necks usually indicate your Charvel was NOT made in USA
Neck through or bolt on?
If your Charvel is neck through NOT a bolt-on it is an Import.
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