Logo Styles
Charvel Logo
Charvel - No Made in USA
These are small waterslide decals measuring only 1 3/4" long used in the 1979 - 1980 time frame. There is no "TM" or "Made
in USA" on these logos and both gold and black lettering were used.
Charvel Logo
Charvel - Made in USA
Two variations of this style logo was used, a smaller 2 1/4 inch version, which was used from late 1980 to mid 1983 and a 2 1/2
inch version, which was used from mid 1983 to 1985. These Charvel logos have the trademark "TM" designation and "Made in USA" written on them and are water slide decals. The decals were printed on a transparent carrier trimmed to follow the outline of the overall decal shape; that of a guitar. Note: Re-issues and Charvels made after 2004 use this style of logo BUT these logos are silkscreened. The new versions are not decals and hence you do not see the ghost outline of the logo on new Charvels.
Charvel Logo
Charvel - Double Logo
There are only a few known examples of the "double" logo from the mid 1983 - 1986 time period. Typically, a double logo has a
black logo positioned slightly off centered over a gold logo. The end result is that the top logo appears "shadowed" or "doubled" by the bottom logo.
Charvel Logo
Charvel - Hand Painted
These are very rare, but a few examples are known where the Charvel logos were handpainted to fit into the graphic. To 
date, I have only seen four Charvels with a handpainted "Charvel" logo, the one pictured, another painted solid white, and two of Amir Derakh's Charvels have hand painted logos.
Jackson Logo
Jackson - Hand Painted
To the best of my knowledge this is a very unique and one-off style logo. This "Jackson" hand painted logo is found on a
Charvel that once belonged to Mark St. John (a former guitar player with KISS) and was inspired by the logo on Randy Rhoads white V guitar.
Jackson Logo
Jackson - decal logo
In the last few months of Charvel production, late 1985 - 1986 a "Jackson" not Charvel logo was applied to Charvels with the
Jackson (pointy) style neck. These logo's have the word "Jackson" in white lettering, "TM" (trade mark) and "Made in USA" after the "N" in Jackson. These are identical to the logos used on Jackson guitars from that same time period. I am not sure if the Jackson style logos were used because they ran out of Charvel logos (remember Charvel production was shutting down at this time) or if Jackson guitars increase in popularity, thanks to Randy Rhoads, led to these Jackson logos being used.
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