Truss Rod Nuts
Strat Head necks feature adjustable truss rods that are located at the heel of the neck and not at the headstock. This meant that the neck had to be removed to make truss rod adjustments. In fact, some early Charvels have gouges hacked/carved into their bodies to allow the truss rod to be adjusted without removing the neck. These routes are NOT original although somewhat common.
Charvel Strat Head necks used distinctive truss rod nuts as illustrated below. Note: Charvel necks with a pointy headstock used a different truss rod nut and are adjusted at the headstock.

Left to right:

#1-First batch truss rod nuts (for inhouse made necks) with single slot and black oxide plate. Mainly seen during the first year but occasionally pop up into 1980.

#2- First revision with added slot. Still black oxide plated. These begin to disappear in 1981, but can still be found into 1982.

#3- Zinc plating. These are around by the start of 1981 and appear well into 1982.

#4- Bevel added to face. A bevel is added to the outer face edge. Plating changes to nickel. These appear by 1982.

#5- Raw steel with beveled edge. These appear during 1982 and are the typical style found on the occasional Strathead neck made through the rest of the San Dimas era.

All nuts are 10-32 thread. The stock is slightly smaller in diameter than a standard Fender nut. In some instances the hole in a Charvel neck must be enlarged to fit a Fender nut as replacement. Like any other part, parts sitting at the bottom of the bin can take a long time to be used up.
Example of style #2 (black oxide plating)
Example of style #4 (nickle plating with bevel)
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