Toggle Switches
The blade switches Charvel used were manufactured by Centralab
(aka CRL). 3-way selectors were CRL 1452 models, just like Fender
used as far back as the Broadcaster. Charvel actually sold 5-way
switches before Fender offered them.
These 5 way switches were also made by Centralab and typically are stamped with a part number "PA222-674". The correct switch will have a brownish circuit board and the metal will be silver. Often they will be oxidized and have a white powdery substance coating them. They will ALWAYS feature the CRL stamp with Patent number. Mounting screws are a 6-32 thread. Tips were Fender with wide slot in black or white.
3 way toggle switches: Charvel used angled Switchcraft switches with the Gibson Les Paul style mounting nut that drops down inside of the body. These came in nickel, brass, and black to match the hardware on the guitar.

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