The Charvels had to put out and sound as well as they looked and played. That most often meant hot humbuckers designed to drive the amps of the day into screaming overdrive. Among the pickups most often used in Prepros, the DiMarzio Super Distortion and PAF model humbuckers were perhaps most common, followed by the (then new) Seymour Duncan "The Jeff Beck Model", '59, and Jazz humbuckers. The most prized examples are the early 1980-1982 Seymour Duncan humbuckers with double-cream bobbins; DiMarzio trademarked the double-cream bobbin look and Duncan was forced to abandon production of this style of pickup, lending rise to "zebra" cream-and-black and also all-black pickups.
In addition, DiMarzio and Schecter single-coils were used along with Seymour Duncans; between these three manufacturers they pretty much had a lock on the Charvel pickup business.
Switches used were traditional Strat three-way and five-way versions, Les Paul-style three-way toggles, multiple mini-toggles, and push-pull pot switches. Pots were covered by Allen-Bradley, Bournes, and most commonly DiMarzio and CTS. The wiring was straightforward but often incorporated features such as coil taps and active boosts. You could get whatever you wanted if you were creative enough to think of it!
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