Personally, I find the "graphic" Charvels the most exciting of all. The first Charvel "factory" graphic was arguably the black with random yellow stripes "EVH" graphic, although there is some debate about this. Some of the more recognizable pre-serialized graphics would include black and yellow "EVH", black and white "EVH", Checkerboard, Bullseye, Spiral, Checkerboard Bullseye, Horizontal Stripes, "Versatel" Stripes, Chevron Stripes, Lightning Bolt, and of course the beloved Hot Wheels Flames.
Most of the early graphics were geometrical in nature, rather than pictorial. In rare occasions the headstock was also painted to match the graphic, making for an amazing guitar. There were many other graphics, some one-off, others simply color variations of existing graphics. Many feel that these graphics capture the energy and fun of the era in which these wonderful guitars were built; an era in which early rock/metal stars like Eddie Van Halen, Eddie Ojeda, Jeff Beck, Billy Gibbons Dusty Hill, Billy Sheehan, and other monster players were putting these Charvels through their paces.
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