The original pre-production Charvel logos were very small to begin with; 1 5/8" long and printed on a rectangular transparent carrier. No "made in USA"; reads "Charvel" only. Most often, these early small logo's were applied in such a fashion as to be either parallel with the top edge (closest to tuners) of the headstock, or parallel with the fretboard (neck) edge as opposed to the more commonly seen later variation where the logo was applied parallel to the bottom edge of the headstock.
Beginning around 11/80 " production-sized " logo's measuring 1 3/4" including "TM", has "made in usa" in very small letters under "Charvel TM". Printed on a transparent carrier trimmed to follow the outline of the overall decal shape; that of a guitar. Most often, these larger logos were applied in such a fashion as to be parallel with the bottom edge of the headstock which became the standard placement throughout the serialized era.
It should again be noted that there was some overlap between the ending of one, and the beginning of another logo. Also, guitars that had matching painted headstocks often used gold logos, while most natural headstocks used black. On natural wood headstocks, a light, rough spray of lacquer was used to affix the decal; on painted headstocks the logo was completely cleared over, and then sanded and polished to a "finished" state.
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