I have had the pleasure of meeting and interacting (emailing, phone calls, chat boards and face to face) with many cool people in my quest for Charvel knowledge that I have to start off my credit page by simply saying: "there are no better people than my fellow Charvel/Jackson enthusiasts". I have been humbled many times with how honest, kind and helpful most fellow enthusiasts have been to me, simply amazing. By far my journeys have resulted in excellent interactions and many friendships which out weigh the 3 in particular people that I rather not remember.
First off I want to thank two great friends, Leo Gabryelski and Jim Shine for sharing my passion for this site and all their work to ensure that the USACharvels site, USACharvels discussion board and most importantly the USACharvels online community stays current, fun and informative. I can not thank these guys enough for helping me realize my dream of offering a Charvel resource/site on the worldwide web and a place to share my Charvel guitar collection that I have been lucky enough to acquire with fellow Charvel enthusaists. Thanks guys for making it all happen.
I want to thank Tim Rose for his contributions to the pre-serialized History section. Tim has more experience with this era of Charvel production than most of us noting that he had some 15 examples from the pre-serialized era in his collection at one time. Thanks Tim for all your help in writing this section and for your friendship over the years.
A big thank you to Robert Witte for the inspiration after enjoying his earlier websites pertaining to Jackson guitars. I spent many hours drooling over his remarkable collection over the years. I also want to thank Rob for all our conversations and some smooth guitar deals. Thanks again Rob.
Another outstanding site dedicated to Charvel guitars is Bret Dennis' . Bret was the one of the main people that got me into Charvels and has been a great friend to me over the years. Thanks Bret for all your help in making my journey and collection so cool. I could not have done it without you.
Big thanks to Michael Hill (aka Hossman) for being a stand up guy and for allowing me to use some of the history found on his website, . I also want to thank Hoss for his friendship over the years. Thanks my man you have a heart of gold and did I mention Hoss is also the proud owner of the Hot Rod Flame Charvel that appeared on the 1981 flyer cover...yummy!!!!
Very big THANKS to Otto, Larry L, Ralph E, John J and Dave H for helping me and answering all my stupid questions and inquires when I was a newbie. Special thanks to Larry L for the early version of the serial number list (spreadsheet with serial numbers and descriptions of Charvels that have surfaced with time that he and Bret compiled) and to Dave H for not only helping me learn back in the day but for also selling me the RedRum Charvel.
A big thanks also goes to Sully for putting up with me and making this site (my baby) a reality. I drove him to the bottle many a night as I wanted things changed or added to the site. Sully designed the original version of this site for me and I obviously could not have done it without him.
Special thanks also to my good friends Chad A, Leo, Jim Shine, Gary V, Tommy the Atomic Noodle, Brett C, Brad K, Kev, Yoga and all my online friends over on the JCF. Thanks to all for making the sharing of information, opinions and posting pictures and stories of our favorite guitars so much fun.
I hope you enjoy and find my labor of love (this site) of value. Furthermore, I hope you enjoy all the guitar eye candy (pictures) as much as I do. I love talking Charvel guitars so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or more importantly a San Dimas Charvel to sell me! 
Enjoy the site and THANKS to all the cool people that share the same enthusiasm for these
awesome guitars.
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