Welcome to my site, which is dedicated to guitars and in particular Charvel guitars. If you found this site, you no doubt are a fellow lover of the 80's Metal Scene when these guitars were found slung around the necks of our heroes (Jake E Lee, Warren DeMartini, EVH and George Lynch to name a few). Most of us were probably introduced to Charvel guitars in the 80's from seeing pictures in metal magazines such as Hit Parader or guitar magazines such as Guitar World and of course early MTV videos. Fast forward to today and most of us are recapturing some of the magic of that era through these beautiful guitars (and the music they represent), that we dreamt of owning some 20 years ago.
I got hooked on guitars in High School when my good friend Paul Smith showed me how to play some AC/DC songs. I was originally a Gibson man for most of my college years and did not discover Charvel guitars until the later 90's. Ironically enough, at the height of the popularity of metal guitars such as Charvel, Jackson, Ibanez and Kramer, I was a Gibson snob...funny how times have changed!
My first real Charvel (fakes are everywhere - so be careful) was the Rising Sun pointy serial #3522 which I bought for $610. Needless to say, I was hooked and to this day my favorite guitars are the pointy headstock Charvels with wild graphics. I have been lucky and my collection has really grown over the years. Yes I do own and play all the guitars on this site (unless otherwise noted) and no, I can still only play one at a time. So take a look around the site, enjoy the eye candy and information. Feel free to copy anything you like from the site and I hope you get as much fun and excitement out of viewing it as I did from creating it.
A big shout out to Robert Witte and Bret Dennis for the inspiration (both sites are a MUST stop for Jackson and Charvel enthusiasts). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or just wanta shoot the shit and yes I am always looking to buy San Dimas Charvels...hell, one shameless plug is not too bad!
Check out my links section for other great websites and my credits for all the people that helped me out along the way. I have met some incredible people through my quest for Charvel guitars and most were very helpful and willing to share, even when I was a newbie and asked many stupid questions. To learn you have to a) ask and b) have a good teacher!
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